In-house Training

Peakford Management Consultants offers a service of creating and designing customised training and development solutions to suit your exclusive needs or those of your organisation. No organisation is one and the same and each may experience distinct issues that require customized solutions. Peakford Management Consultants will construct a customised proposal based on your organisations specific requirements. Peakford can deliver the training solutions you need, at a location you choose, in a manner that suits you!

You Choose What

You simply tell us what your organisational development needs and challenges are and we will design the appropriate game plan to address your needs.

Peakford management In-house service is in place to develop programmes and workshops which target and focus on the specific issues that are applicable to your organisations requirements and provide your leaders, HR practitioners and change agents with a customised approach to dealing with the distinct challenges within their organisation.

You Choose Who

You get to choose who attends what training at which level. The in-house service allows you to tailor-make your skills development plan to accommodate leaders, managers and employees that require different levels of training and development at varying degrees of intensity.

You Choose Where

No need to worry about logistics and travelling. We’ll bring the training to you. You decide the location, the time of day and the format that fits your schedule.

If you prefer an off-site setting, we can suggest and arrange training space at one of our chosen venues or at a location of your choice. We are not bound by borders.

Whether local or global, we can propose a solution that reaches beyond our country’s boundaries.

You Choose When

We understand that time is money. Selecting a customised solution means that you can choose when the training and/or development sessions take place and at what times. Your customised game plan will take into account your specific date and time requirements, constraints and pressures.

You Choose How

Whether half-day or multi-day; short-term or long-term; academic or practically oriented, Peakford can create and deliver customised training & development solutions for all levels of your organisation in a format that suits your needs.

We will design a results-focused training and development plan that suits your pace and addresses your desired outcomes.