Our consultants are highly respected for their search experience and sector knowledge. Through their careers in business and as development professionals, they have built relationships with an extensive network of outstanding leaders, and collaborate with colleagues globally to share expertise across industries, functions and geographies.

Years of experience, deep industry knowledge, and unparalleled networks of resources enable our team of professionals to impart their wealth of knowledge to help you grow successful companies in today’s dynamic environment.

The team is headed by Albert Mandizvida, our Group Executive Chairman who oversees Peakford Management Consultants, Peakford International, Gleyding Management Institute, Chartered Institute for Customer Service Excellence, Peakford Centre for Entrepreneurial Innovation, Centre for African Markets and Investments and Peakford Institute.

Albert has more than 15 years’ experience in consulting and training in business management, innovation, entrepreneurship and customer experience. Albert is a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)- Management Studies student, holds a Masters in Leading Innovation and Change (York St John University, York, UK, a Bachelor of Business Studies (Honours) (University Of Zimbabwe) and other qualifications.