HR Consulting

Let PMC help you manage your most valued assets – the people who work in your organization. In the knowledge economy, human resources, rather than physical capital, have become the key to competitive advantage for large and small organizations alike. Our experts in HR management will work with you to attract, retain and develop competent and loyal employees. We will advise on best practices in HR policy and planning so that valuable human resources are aligned with your organization’s business objectives. Our consultants will be there to help you put strategies into practice, and fine-tune processes to fit your needs

Peakford provides a range of innovative and competitive research and management consulting services:

  • Skills Audit
  • Organisational Design and Development 
  • Job Evaluation and Job Profiling
  • Balanced Score Card Strategy Implementation
  • Competency profiling
  • Strategic Plan Facilitation and Workshops
  • Performance Management System Implementation
  • HR Projects management, training and Impact Assessment
  • Diversity Audits, training and consulting  
  • Policy Development
  • Organisational Development Analysis
  • Team Building
  • Business development Consulting

Compliance Consulting

Our expertise assists clients in managing the individual components of compliance proactively, time effectively and cost efficiently.

By understanding the organization, its operations, and future trends, we will design a program that will not only meet but exceed compliance requirements.

Our systematic approach addresses all statutory requirements and assessment factors. We address everything from employment equity surveys and data analysis to employment systems reviews and employment equity plans. Furthermore, after the compliance review is complete, we can provide clients with the support they need to implement initiatives and monitor change.

Building High Performance Organizations

A change initiative is often driven by either crisis or the need to adjust to new expectations, fiscal constraints, new priorities or demands from clients and stakeholders, changing markets or a wide range of uncontrollable variables.  Whatever is driving your organization’s need to change, PMC can help you structure for success. 

This could mean a complete overhaul of structure, or require only smaller changes with a focus on specific aspects of the organization. Our organization design experts are active listeners and provide advice and solutions tailored to your specific needs. This advice is based on a careful analysis of your organization, its strategic objectives and the pressures that affect organizational performance. Our findings, options and recommendations are presented to management and, as appropriate, to their teams for discussion. Once an option is approved, we help with planning migration to the changed structure. 

As full service consultants, PMC’s specialists will be involved throughout the process. This may involve advising on timing and rate of implementation, developing a communications strategy to keep members of the organization informed of progress and how it will affect them, advising on how new positions can be resourced, and other implications of structural change, such as how the placement of work stations affects the flow of information, for example.

If you’re considering re-designing your organization, call us to find out how we can help make structural change as smooth a process as possible.

Balanced Scorecard Development

By measuring areas such as process performance, market share/penetration, long term learning and skills development, a Balanced Scorecard (BSC) can help you align your operational activities with your overall vision and strategy, and improve internal and external communications. We can help you create and implement a BSC tailored to your particular business objectives and grounded in best practice

Performance Management Consulting

Developing the processes and building the skills for effective performance management is a complex task. Involved stakeholders must feel confident that the methodologies, content and delivery of any system are just and meaningful, and that they can trust the objectivity of those administering the system.

What we do

  • Organisational Analysis
  • Developing a framework for performance Management
  • Appraisal system design Our performance management experts have extensive experience and we can help you to make your appraisal system a process welcomed by all - one that is simple, well-tested, clear, relevant and especially, fair, objective and just
  • Competency
  • development Competency frameworks have become a leading method for diagnosing, framing and improving all aspects of human resource management. PMC’s consultants provide the expertise and experience in developing your particular set of competencies, and they will be sure that the competencies signal corporate priorities and values, act as a tool for recruiting, career development and job enhancement, among other strategies. Of major importance, you will possess a set of competencies that spotlight the connection between competence and performance
  • Balanced Scorecard Development
  • Performance Management Training

Team building

Successful results in business are usually accomplished through teamwork. We provide themed, energizing and result oriented Team building sessions for small and large teams.

Creativity and Innovation Teams

Who is driving creativity and innovation in your organisation?

An organization’s greatest asset in this era of knowledge-based economy is no longer depended on the tangible assets but on the collective creativity and innovation of its people. We help your organization become self sustaining in innovation, so that working innovatively becomes a standard way of working and thinking in your company. We identify opportunities to stimulate and direct creativity to your organization's innovative needs and to set up innovation and foresight teams and design an innovation process. We also implement effective innovation strategies for organisations. In this era if an organisation is not optimizing on the innovation of its teams chances are it will loose out in the long run.