Board Assessment and Evaluations

King IV recommends that the board conducts a formal performance evaluation every two years, and during the alternate year, the board should schedule in its annual work plan an opportunity to consider, reflect and discuss its performance

We care about board performance because we know that effective boards mean stronger organisations. We know the benefits strong governance can bring to your shareholders, your employees, and the communities you serve. Our goal is to make sure any board—regardless of location, size or maturity—can benefit from an effective, impactful evaluation, whether for a first-time review, to refresh your board’s approach, or to get a quick but useful assessment.

King IV Compliance

Complying with recognised standards like the King IV report is one way of ensuring board excellence. We guide board in transforming their operations into effective board that has well defined performance and reporting dashboards that comply with the King IV.

Board Training

Fast-moving regulations, business environments, and expectations mean the challenges boards face are ever evolving. Continuous board development is imperative if the board members ae to keep abreast new trends lead organisation to success. Some of the key training that every board member must be exposed to are;

  • Corporate governance
  • Strategic Planning
  • Public Finance Management Act (SA Only)
  • Risk Management
  • Business Ethics
  • Board Intelligence
  • Managing Conflict of interests
  • King IV – Improving Corporate Governance
  • Directors Diligence versus Delinquency
  • Financial insights for Board members
  • Business Continuity Programme for Directors
  • Audit committee Masterclass
  • Social and Ethics Committees
  • Effective Remuneration Committees

Committees Training

Committees play a pivotal role in governance. A high level of expertise is required if the committees are to execute their functions effectively. Some of the committee development training we have include;

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