About Peakford.

Peakford Management Consultants is a training, development and Consulting Enterprise offering outcome based training and consulting services to the corporate and public sector. Since establishment in 2008, we have not only grown as a Training Institute but have improved our services and broadened our clientele. As an accredited services provider, our programmes follow the SAQA guidelines and standards and hence a guranteed quality of service is always delivered exceptionally through our well experienced top notch facilitators, carefully vetted tried and tested. So if you happen to think Training, think Peakford!


On a bigger picture, we see ourselves as diversified training company recognised for excellence in training, development and consulting, contributing to the greatness and growth of companies and communities.


We are committed to partnering with our clients and help them to unlock their potential. This enables us to deliver on our promise & truly make a difference in the long term. We therefore embrace the following values: Integrity; Loyalty; Leadership; Individual Importance & Credibility.

PMC offers outcome based training & consulting services to the corporate & public sector. To become an excellent training & development company we will;

    - Always remain customer centric
    - Make a difference by empowering & enhancing the capabilities of employees.
    - Maintain Skills Development Services comparable with the best in the Industry
    - Adhere to NQF & ETQA principles in all our skills development programmes

1. We are committed to defining clearly the minimum training requirements realated to the job holders' role & responsibilities including total quality and customer satisfaction.

2. Our facilitators will successfully complete functional knowledge and skills training to properly coach and in the long-run, inspect & reinforce the work of the employees.

Continous Cliet Support via Blog, Newspaper, Email & Fax

Conduct Joint Needs Analysis Prepare Customized Course Pre-course Assignment Classroom Facilitation Workplace Project POE Oral exam, Presentation & Revision POE enhancement and final submission

POE Final Assessment Internal Moderation Leaner Records Uploading Certification

External Moderation by SSETA.


"Peakford has a well structured In-house training programme and set up which is effective...."

-E Dhlamini/ MD of Ruping Investments

"Awesome training experience, and the facilitator knew what he was doing. Learnt a lot...!"

-Mhathuze Water/(SDF & EE Program)

The Peakford Team

Driven by that mission, our team uses a set of six core values to guide our decisions and innovation on a daily basis, being committed to partnering with our clients and help them to unlock their potential. With this, we deliver on our prommises and truly make a difference in a long term.

Albert Mandizvidza

Founder and CEO

Currently the Group CEO for PMC & Gleyding International organisations that are always looking at practical ways of developing people and organisations through Training, Development and Coaching. Proud to lead this Training and Development Consultancy which has footprints in most African countries.

Tony Gonzo

Senior Sales Consultant

Currently managing Gleyding Projects as the Head managing consultant. Tony is a detail oriented individual whch has made him a six time Award winner of the Best Sales person. Tony's motivational lines lie with the statement "Hardwork and Enjoying the present living aids to both group and indivual success!"

Augustine Shallah

Operations Manager

Augustine oversees and has responsibility for all the activities at Peakford which contribute to the effective provision of services. Roles at PMC include developing an operations strategy & Designing the operation's products, services and processes.

Caroline Dube - Gumpo

Admin Manager

An innovative and motivated individual whose passion resides in the Business Administration and finance fields. Aims to foster strong working relationships within the organization, and work towards the strategic growth of the organization.